First vintage outing…

November 30, 2010
Here it is ….. my first ever garment made from a real life vintage pattern.  I used Advance 7701 from the 1950’s and it was pretty straightforward to put together.  I’ll need to extend the waist ties a little as my waist is not a tiny 1950’s one, but apart from that it’s everything I hoped for.

The style fits in with the rest of my wardrobe, the colour is right and it’s my first vintage top so it’s extra special. I love it.  Read more about it on my blog – Handmade Janex
  1. The blouse is so pretty, and the color is lovely on you! You will definitely get some mileage out of it through the holidays!

  2. Congrats on finishing – I remember when you posted the pattern, because it is so lovely. Great color on you. When/If you make it again try adding a mid-weight interfacing to the ties. They will wrap and fall more like the pattern pic.

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