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What’s Up, Cupcake?

October 22, 2010

Hello everyone!  My name is Christine and I’m a fellow lover of retro clothing and fashion.  I’m fairly new to the world of sewing clothing, but have been crafting and baking for quite some time.  I’ve recently started blogging to document and share my experiences.  Sew Retro has become one of my favorite resources to see what’s going on in the world of vintage patterns and clothing.
Rocking out on the accordion
I’ve started acquiring some vintage sewing patterns but have started off with some Colette and Amy Butler’s that I think have had a nice retro feel.  Below are some photos of dresses that I recently made.  I’m in love with polka dots! What about you?

So please, check out my blog: What’s Up, Cupcake?  I plan on sharing more great projects and finds on here soon!
  1. Oh, I love your dresses! (And I'm definitely going to have to try that caramel apple bread recipe.)

    Do you play Irish & Scottish music on the accordion, too?

  2. Thanks!! I have mainly been working on Irish and French music on the accordion… and whatever comes with the instruction books. 🙂 It's slow going learning to play, but it's such a wonderful instrument!

  3. Awesome! One of my best friends plays old-time (like, American fiddle tunes) on the accordion, and I'm from south Texas where there's a lot of Cajun and Norteño music. Lots of accordions.

    Adorable dresses, by the way. I've seen that ring print online and was wondering what it would look like made into something. Looks great!

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