Vogue 2960 – all finished

And presented to you prior to the wash – so please ignore the blue chalk marks that litter the garment.

 Thanks to everyone in this wonderful community for your assistance in the fitting.

I am wearing a crinoline under the skirt to give it a bit of volume.  Its not very ‘foofy’, I may boost it up or make a new one.  Do you think it could be more voluminous ?

Next thing on the list is a cute fluffy pink angora bolero from Bea’s knit along, teams with it perfectly methinks?

Not much more to be said, but you’re welcome to visit me here.


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  • This is a very pretty dress and love the bolero!

  • A lovely dress! I can see you at a tea party in the garden. 🙂

  • Very nice! I have this pattern, but was never really sure how I felt about it. Now that I can see it made up and fitted properly I really like it a lot (and I'm always one to go for an over the top poofy crinoline). Well done!

  • Really nice! The neckline, bodice, shape of the skirt – so flattering!!

  • Beautiful dress and lovely fabric. I think the crin is giving it just the right amount of volume, more and it would pull out the pleats which are such a lovely detail.

  • the dress is so beautiful! I love the fabric also, the volume is perfect for me.

  • So pretty! I love the neckline and the fabric covered buttons.

  • Gorgeous! It is so feminine and all goes together perfectly. The bolero will be gorgeous as well! Love it!

  • Oh yey! So pretty! I have this pattern, but I just forgot about it when I never saw any finished versions that pleased me… But you just gave me new hope! I'm so going to make that dress now. 🙂 And the bolero is really cute.


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