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Mad Men: Peggy Dress

October 28, 2010

Hello Sew Retro crafters! It’s Christine from What’s Up Cupcake?  I’m looking for your assistance in tracking down a dress design.  Any help with a recommended pattern, new or vintage that I can track down will be so helpful! Hopefully then I can post a completed project post about it.

While playing catchup with Mad Men episodes on our Tivo, I was instantly enamored by Peggy Olson’s dress in episode 11.  I want to add this to my ‘to sew’ list but I need to begin a hunt for a similar pattern.

I love the blue/red combo, especially with the red peeking out in the skirt.  The two little buttons on the front are a fun accent.

Anyone have any pattern recommendations?  Thanks for your help!

  1. We just caught up with that episode last night in the UK. I've watched it twice since, and this was instantly my favourite Peggy dress!

  2. Me too! I saw that episode last night and loved Peggy's dress, definitely my favourite so far. Sorry I can't help with a pattern though Christine, I'll keep my eyes open. x

  3. I love the costumes in general, but this was the first dress on the show where I said 'drop everything! I must have it!' 😉

    Thanks for your recommendations A.J.A! Both of those look great. Now I'm on the hunt!

    Anyone else have any other recommendations in case I can't find those?

  4. Excellent! I was able to snag that one 🙂 I've been keeping Etsy in business today and ordered a few inverted pleat items to play around with. I can't wait to get started on this dress. Thanks everyone!

  5. I just adore this Peggy look! I read somewhere that this is a vintage piece. Be sure to post photos after you make your version.

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