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Lutterloh System Internacional 1979

October 30, 2010

Here is something I really would like to share with you…the Lutterloh System International, dated 1979. I bought this book in Your Pattern Shop a month ago… It is in perfect conditions, all the drawings well kept and Lisa added the Magic Scale to use the pattern.

For the ones of you who doesn’t know what this system is I will explain briefly: it’s a really smart way to create pattern! The patterns are in reduced scale (very little!!) but using the Magic Scale based on your bust and hip measurement you can draw the pattern on paper following few simple steps and then have a gorgeous outfit!!

Come and visit my blog to learn more!! 🙂

  1. Hi! I know this sistem, the problem I see with it is that we need to buy all their patterns in order to make our clothes, I mean, not like other sistems we learn how to trace and we can do all we want, I'll go to your blog =)

  2. Hi Lizzy!
    Well, I bought the entire book, but I really think you can even choose few patterns from the book, you don't need the whole of it to sew your outfits…I really like this system, very easy and simple and good for every size!!

  3. I would NOT recommend Lutterloh to an inexperienced seamstress. The patterns do not come with step by step instructions.

    I bought the entire binder about 10 years ago, but have since gotten rid of it. It was an awful lot of work, and the styles were very basic. I only used it a few times. What I really disliked was that you had to spend all that time drafting out your pattern and still had to add seam allowances.

    It was a lot of money at the time, and I got it at a sales seminar that was very high pressure. The company was supposed to send seasonal updates on patterns, but I never got another.

    I give it a B+ for fitting (but I am not hard to fit), a C for style, and a D for ease of use.

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