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Hi Everyone!!

October 22, 2010

Hi everyone!!
I will introduce myself to you…

I am Lucia from Italy (well, right now I live in Spain…) and I am really new in the obsession for sewing!!
I started on august, with my very first dress based on Burda pattern, with my grandma help. Then I started to work on my own…and I love to sew!!
Right now I’m working on a dress based on a vintage pattern from Simplicity (a 70’s one), and I will soon post some pics!!
Here in Europe is really difficult to find vintage patterns (with which I felt in love), but lucky us we can buy on internet…and I bought soooo many of them!!

Well, see you soon!! 🙂

PS: this is my blog!! 🙂

  1. Ciao Lucia. If you have found a passion for sewing it doesn't matter that you are new, you will create beautiful things. I lived in Italy a long time ago and it was wonderful. I hope your time in Spain is as fabulous as mine was in Italy! In bocca lupo per il nuovo vestito! (Vicki)

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