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Help identifying a 1930s pattern

October 1, 2010

Hi everyone, I’d like to make use of your collective vintage pattern knowledge to help me find something. I’ve recently found out my family has some home movies from 1933 and 1949. In this clip, the lady on the far right is wearing an amazing 1930s dress with bows on it. I’m sure I’ve seen this pattern – maybe a repro one? Do you know the one I’m thinking of? I’d love to compare them!

If you’d like to watch more of these clips, the 1933 clips are on my blog here and here, and the 1949 ones are coming soon. There are some great clips of my great great auntie knitting on Porthcawl beach, top hats on Cardiff high street, and of my Nana as a teenager in the most amazing dress!

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