I am so happy to be here! My name is Syrena and I am a home seamstress who is fascinated with the 1940’s, 1950’s and early 1960’s. I am a stay at home mom and housewife with traditional values that reflect those of the mid 20th century when women were homemakers & men were the breadwinners. My New Year’s resolution for 2010: sew more & make more of my own clothes to wear and eventually replace anything RTW with my own sewings.
I have recently created a blog to not only document my sewing endeavors, but to also interact with others who share the same passion for vintage.  Unfortunately, as with all New Year’s Resolutions, I dragged my feet and am just now getting started (in October!).  Better late than never…. Visit me at:


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  • Seems we have a very similar new year's resolution – I'm into sewing 50's and 60's clothing, and I think the funniest part is that the more clothing I sew, the less interested I am in even going in to RTW clothing stores…it's like the clothes just don't feel 'right' anymore, lol.

  • Shopping always discouraged me and it felt more like a chore… I use to envy my friends who just loved to shop! Anyways, I never could find anything that fit right, or looked right, or both. Anything that I receive RTW these days goes straight to my sewing room for adjustments! I say "receive" because the only RTW stuff I get now are from gifts or hand-me-downs – I refuse to buy RTW anymore…LOL


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