Halloween Contest: Roller Waitress

This year for Halloween a friend of mine has organized a zombie walk for the night club she works for (sIn for any Perthies). I plan to go as a zombie roller waitress but I’m going to try and keep all gore off my costume.
This costume took two days in-between homework.

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  • Way cute!

  • Supercute! Would you mind sharing what pattern you used for the top? I am in love with this costume – I might have to make one! lol

  • Great costume! Did you use a pattern for the hat? I'd love to make one too 🙂

  • this is soooo adorable! love it. please post pics when you're in full zombie mode.

  • I don't know what one she used but Simplicity has one exactly like it:
    Simplicity 3847

  • Great! you can be a zombie shot in the head waitress, to save the dress. some red paint on adhesive paper cut as a blood spot on the dress or more than one et voila.

    Kudos from Italy.


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