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wearing history "smooth sailing" trousers

September 28, 2010

09.28.10 {smooth sailing trousers}

09.28.10 {smooth sailing trousers}

I whipped up some trousers from the new Wearing History reproduction pattern “Smooth Sailing” recently! The pattern is for late 1930s style trousers and blouse (which I haven’t made yet, but plan to!). I love how they fit, even though I had to fiddle with the cutting a bit to accommodate my proportionately larger hips/seat. The pattern was an utter dream to work with–Lauren did an excellent job on the instructions for this one! I used a blue cotton twill I had in the stash. Now the weather just needs to cool down so I can wear these… (I posted more on my blog, if you’re interested!)

  1. I love that pattern! I wish the seller produced it in larger sizes. I can make a pattern larger, but I don't want to go that much larger.

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