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September 13, 2010

Hello all

I’ve been reading Sew Retro for a while, and decided to take the plunge and join in the fun. I’ve been sewing off and on for about 15 years. I’ve mostly done costuming and historical garments that weren’t intended for daily wear. I love vintage and retro styled clothing, especially the 30s and 50s. I’ve started sewing vintage garments for myself in part because I can’t find them ready-to-wear (reproduction clothing companies rarely make plus sizes). I also have a full bust so off the rack fit is often dodgy anyway. My measurements are about 49-42-49 and I wear a modern 20/22.

Here are photos of my two most recent projects.

This red polka dot dress was sewing from a 1930s reproduction pattern from New Vintage Lady on Etsy ( I shortened this too much. It should be at least a few inches longer. I definitely recommend NVL’s patterns.

Next is a dress based an original vintage Simplicity pattern. I used Simplicity 1577 which was published in 1956 ( The dress has kimono sleeves which I lengthened by about 2 inches, a gored skirt and two front pockets. I chose to do the collar in a contrast fabric.

To read more about these dresses check out my blog the The Stoutorialist.

  1. Those look great! I have a couple patterns from NVL but I haven't made them yet. I think I must get on it ASAP now that I've seen yours.

  2. Do you know that is the first time I have ever seen a finished garment made from one of my repro patterns?!

    It looks great! LOVE the polkadots!

  3. Thanks everyone! I have a serious polka dot addiction and I"m not ashamed of it.

    @NVL I'm surprised you arent seeing your pattens made up. I liked using the heavy paper instead of fragile tissue, and I found looking at your own made up versions of the garments helped me in making final sewing decisions.

    I hope to post more soon

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