Knocking Off An Armani: Hopefully Not Too Retro!

Hi Sew Retro Community!

I am back from vacation and have started on a new project which will hopefully produce a beautiful dress and teach me draping and a few couture techniques along the way.

I hope to take this fabric:

And turn it into this dress:


Without it looking like a terrible 1980s prom dress:

From The Fashion Police via 

You can follow the trials and tribulations at Modern Twist.


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  • I have to admit that might be a difficult project because to those of us who grew up back then the combination of hot pink and black is the 80's. Be very careful. I wish you luck. :)

  • Its going to look fabulous! Its not really draping … this Armani is using the dress lining like origami – fantastic – its all in the pressing! Getting those crisp edges – The fabric you have chosen looks great – Can't wait to see the finished article ….as for couture technique….just do your own thing – its not for the faint hearted – Take risks!!! I tell you its amazing what you can come up with ….Happy Creating!!


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