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Has anyone seen this fabric by chance? I know, the photo is positively awful, but it’s a snapshot of my TV playing an episode of Poirot on Masterpiece Mysteries (this one is The Third Girl: the dresses were so gorgeous they made my heart ache) that has the best 30’s costuming EVER. I’ve fallen hard for this polka dot fabric, and have been searching, but to no avail. If it looks familiar to you, would you please send me a clue?
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  • Not exactly the same polka dot print, but maybe good enough?


  • found this one on ebay…missing the red, but the other colors are similar.


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  • Much as I love 30's fashion, I wonder why they set it then? If I remember rightly, it's from the 60's, and the modern hallucinogenic drugs are important in the plot.

  • THank you for your leads! Excited to check them out!

  • Agatha Christie's Poirot is certainly not set in the 1960s! It was set in the 1930s. Miss Marple was set in the 1950s. The costumes in the BBC adaptations are exquisite. I adore Poirot- mostly because of the set and costume design!

  • PS Sorry- got carried away on my bandwagon! Why not print your own fabric? Very simple to do- you could even carve a potato and print with that!

  • This is the perfect situation for spoonflower.com

  • Just for the record from an Agatha Christie fan, Agatha Christie wrote the Poirot stories from the 1920's into the 1960's. When BBC makes them they are always set in the 30's. With this story (and many Miss Marple ones lately) the characters are from Christie but the story line was completely redone and not at all like the original.

    I have no idea where to get the fabric, but it is nice!

  • Printing my own is an excellent idea. This is a wonderful opportunity to use spoonflower. I can easily get exactly what I want. Bravo!!!

  • That print is actually hats if I'm not mistaken. I owned a blouse a few years back (ca. 2000) that I'd bought at Marshall's that was almost *identical* in pattern and style. I used to wear it out swing dancing back in the day.


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