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Vogue 1952

July 20, 2010

For my nephews wedding, in printed cotton lawn, lined with plain and a tiered cotton petticoat

, full circle skirt instead of the gathered one 🙂

My overlocker died for the sake of the 4 tiered hypergathered petticaot 🙁

  1. What a lovely dress!

    About the pattern, is that "Vogue 1952", or is it a Vogue pattern from 1952 (in which case, what number is it – can't seem to find it on the wiki?).

  2. Capitol G Gorgeous! The change to the circle skirt, especially for the awesome print fabric really took this to a high level. Beautifully thought out and constructed. So enjoyed your photos and work. Thanks so for sharing. Jane

  3. Tilly thank you.
    I'm going to the Horrockes exhibition for sure, thanks for the link.

    Nathalie, is 1952 the year, I need to check the pattern number…

    Jane thank you, the hat is from Debenhams BTW 🙂

  4. I would love to know the pattern details too. It looks very similar to Vogue 8956 from 1956, which i made recently.

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