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Help! Baggy pedal pushers!

July 24, 2010

Hello retro sewers, I need your advice! Has anyone sewn these pedal pushers or a similar vintage pattern? I’ve taken mine in quite a bit to avoid the balloon trousers look, but while the front view is fine, the backs of the legs have gone all wrinkly. I don’t want to make them too tight as they’ll look a bit rude, but would like them to be a bit more defined. Any tips on making the fit better? Am I messing about too much with what should be a loose fitting pattern? Have I gone for the wrong fabric (denim)? Should I just give up and start again in a softer fabric? Help!

More pics and description on my blog.

  1. I suggest looking up "flat seat adjustment" (I know there's a thread on Stitcher's Guild somewhere, but the idea is talked about in fitting books and elsewhere online too). I have this problem all the time – the pattern has allowed too much fabric for the backside, so you've got puddling in the back vs. the front.

  2. Hi, not much help with trouser fitting I'm afraid, but I DO have that Vogue pattern you need the instructions for, blogger won't let me comment on your blog. I'm in London so would only take a day or two for them to get to you by post.

  3. Yes flat seat adjustment should do it, it is also sometimes called fish eye adjustment. To find out if this is right for you pinch and pin a horizontal crease of fabric right under your buttocs – if the wrinkles disappear this adjustment is right for you.

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