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July 22, 2010

Hi everyone! I am also one of the lurkers and have now joined Sew Retro! I am very excited.
My name is Sofie and I live in Brisbane, Australia.  It is winter here at the moment but not your average cold spot… we have a low of 4 degrees celsius tonight, but our next 5 days are about 21 degrees celsius with beautiful sunshine.

I  have been sewing for a while, but come back to it the last 4 or so years. I have recently started a blog  and yet I am really not savvy in the electronic media! I’d love you to have a look as one of the reasons I have joined Sew Retro was to get some help.  It recently occurred to me that I didn’t have to buy patterns full price (which in Australia is way too much – no $1 days here) but that I could buy them at the second hand shops.  So I have done the last few months and got some really great things.  Here’s the help part: I recently found this amazing pattern (how cute is it!) and I want to know if anyone has any information on the pattern makers … they are a Brisbane company (which is a great surprise).  More information on my blog in my very first post in May

I’ve also got plans for some giveaways …..when I get 50 followers I will have some super cool 50’s sunglasses to giveaway… more than one pair hopefully and I’ll send them anywhere in the world!
I hope you get a chance to have a look..

  1. welcome! fab pattern, can't wait to see the dress that comes from it. hopefully one of your fellow aussie bloggers can help you with some info…

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