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A Warm (Actually hot and humid) Hello from Bahrain!

July 20, 2010

Hello Sew Retro Community!

My name is Jacki and I live in (sweaty) Bahrain with my husband. I recently got back into sewing after a 15 year hiatus because I needed some hobbies to fill my time here in my new role as a retiree (plus it is just too hot to go outside)! Fabric on this little island is pretty inexpensive and plentiful but finding notions is a challenge. Locating patterns of any kind is actually just impossible so I spend more time than I should scouring the internet and it was here that my obsession with vintage dresses sprung to life. I did an innocent search  for Mad Men inspired clothes and the rest is history (though there is a record on my credit card statement).

Anyway, I really look forward to sharing my sewing, my trials and tribulations and hopefully a little humor. I also continue to look forward to reading Sew Retro every day for new inspiration.

I just started a blog called Modern Twist which will also chronicle in detail my projects and inspiration. Hope you will visit!


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