1. There all great but I like 3 the best, then 2. I think the others are possibly too trendy and could end up looking dated (if that's possible for retro?) in a few years. The first things I ever sewed two years ago were cafe curtains to hide under the kitchen sink. I used really wide rick-rack as a trim. I'll take a pic and post it here. Have fun whatever you choose!
    P.S. – I couldn't publish my post on your blog. The middle of the verification word and the space to enter it kept getting cut off.

  2. I like #1 and here's why: The other fabrics have a lot of red in them and it would drive me mad if the reds of the wall and curtain didn't work together. Also, you mentioned you've only got the one window – so I would be inclined toward a rather light fabric. Finally, #1 has a great sense of whimsy.

    (p.s. I had the same trouble with posting on your blog and the word verification.)

  3. I like #2 for curtains and #5 for upholstery, maybe even in the same room if they compliment/go together.
    The cherries are really so retro…my mom had canisters with cherries on them.

    Sad about the wallpaper, shows shortcuts aren't all that short in the long run.

    Gives me an idea for my new kitchen (some year).

  4. Can't seem to leave a message on your blog so will leave it here…

    I like 1 & 4 because they strike me as the more original choices. I love your other suggestions and whichever you go for will look lovely, but the others seem just a little more obvious and 'kitcheny'.

    Overall, I'd say 4 is my personal fave. Looking at them again however, the plaid strawberries are rather cute…

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