That 70’s Skirt

June 21, 2010

I found a Lutterloh supplement from the 70’s in my local op shop (for 50c) … but I wasn’t too sure what it was until I got home and googled it! I can’t believe what an awesome, simple pattern drafting system this is 🙂 This skirt is my first Lutterloh attempt, and I love it … it fits great (using only my hip measurement!) and it was so, so easy.

I blogged about it here
Linda 🙂
  1. I love your skirt and I, too, like Lutterloh. I have quite a number of vintage suppliments and can spend hours just looking through the images.

    You should check out the blog 'Come Sew Lutterloh with Me' http://sewingnhumming.blogspot.com/

    There are heaps of tips there for use newbies to the system.

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