Hello Dolly

June 28, 2010

Hi I am a keen maker of all sorts of things, and apart from having a bit of a thing for making dinosaurs, I love all things vintage. I blog about all this and about life in general, check it out. I have been getting into making vintage clothes lately, sewn and knitted, so I thought that I would join Sew Retro for inspiration and advice!

My most recent project has been a yoke top made from a vintage dress pattern, which I originally thought was from the 1950s but now think is more 1960s. I have worn it loads actually, and am planning to either make a long version or swap it for a similar smaller pattern as this is a bit big (size 14). Anyone interested?

  1. Actually this is from the 50s. The Cemetarian website states that the postmark ""SEC 34.66 PL&R" , 1 1/2 cent meter = 1950's" The drawing style also looks quite early 50s. Toward the mid to late 50s, skirts were either pencil or circular/nearly circular. The 40s leaned toward narrower skirts that weren't fitted, just a little narrower than depicted in this drawing.

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