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Help finding Carmen Miranda style pattern

May 18, 2010

I am just a day away from finishing McCalls 5861. It has been quite a challenge which I can’t wait to share with all of you. Here are the two fabrics I used.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that a friend has dared me to make a Carmen Miranda outfit and I have taken on the dare. Why? I don’t know..except I do love a challenge. 
Most of her movie clothes were outrageous. 
I would like to make something that depicts her, but that is wearable. 
I was thinking something like this:
I have searched a bit on Wikia and have not come up with anything yet. Just putting it out there to see if any of you have suggestions or know of a similar pattern. It would most likely be from the 1940’s. 
  1. If you don't find a vintage one, Simplicity put out a WWII "retro" pattern a while back, it had a Carmen Miranda style "USO Singer" outfit along with a nurse and…a factory jumpsuit, I think? Ah, here it is! Ouch on the price but perhaps you can find a copy!

  2. That is so perfect…but yes, Ouch on the price…will look to find a used copy..great idea and I may just get it.

    Anymore ideas anyone?

  3. Take a look at these:

    Hollywood 1624
    Simplicity 2829 Blouse
    Simplicity 1307
    simplicity 1020
    Hollywood 1567
    Simplicity 1621
    Marian Martin 9266
    Simplicity 2571

    Best wishes


  4. If you can wait until after 5/29, and send me your measurements, I'd be happy to send you a draft of the top and long skirt similar to the simplicity repro pattern, if you're not too far off the measurements. You'd need to use common sense to put them together, but it shouldn't be too difficult.

    email me at angldst at gmail dot com for details.


  5. I can't really recommend any patterns, but I can compliment your half-finished dress!

    So I will:

    What a lovely style and pretty fabrics!


  6. Thanks for all of your help. I have looked at all the styles. My one thought though is that I did not tell you how old I am..50 years and the belly-midriff showing patterns are just not appropriate. Jeeesh. I still feel in my mind they are but. no…nope…no again.

    So I am thinking of taking the bodice of a pattern and adding a tie at the waist/ribs…and then a high waisted sarong.

    How do you think that sounds?

  7. I think that sounds perfect. I was going to suggest a sarong. There were some sarong patterns around in the early 1990's if you have trouble finding a 40's one. Can't wait to see it!

    Will you be wearing a turban with fruit?

    (And as for the old scandalous story of Carmen not wearing panties under her sarong–I'm not even going to ask you your intentions there)

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