Come Over for a Coffee Klatch Wrap

McCalls 1948 is finally finished. 
What a darling little ditty it is. I call it my “come over for a coffee klatch wrap“.
I just adore it. 
And no I don’t plan on wearing the crinoline with it. Scarlet O’Hara took over by being this morning and I just “Don’t give a Damn”.
Come on over to my blog and read about it. Coffee is on.

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  • I love how to got the strips to work. Looks great.

  • Wow this turned out great
    Thanks for sharing

  • Hey Maggie…I checked out your blog and enjoyed it. I understand the need you had to write. It is amazing when we open ourselves up to others how accepting they are. You may enjoy another blog of mine…although I don't do much writing on it anymore it is about my struggles when my son was deployed to war and then came home and had a massive heart attack.

    I am doing much better and my new blog is light-hearted and keeps me in a better mental frame. Onward and upward to all. Come over for some coffee!!!


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