Vintage Sewing

1976 Back Wrap Skirt

May 26, 2010

i initially bought this fabric many moons ago because i thought the print was cute and sort of 1930’s-ish. i seem to be gravitating towards 70’s patterns lately though….i love wrap skirts and this one has POCKETS! as most wrap skirts are, this was a cinch to make. the only alteration i had to make was bringing up the hem- no surprise there. i cut the fabric in the opposite direction for the front panel to give the skirt some interest but, it turns out that you can’t really tell with this print anyway, kind of gets lost because it’s so tiny. i’m sure i will be using this one again soon. (anyone else wondering what’s going on in that pattern pic? the girl in the slacks seems to be taunting skirt girl with an apple…) it’s supposed to be 90 degrees F today here in pennsylvania and i’m hoping this skirt will keep me nice and cool- i refuse to put the AC on in may. (ps- sorry these pics are so grainy)

  1. Don't you just love a good wrap skirt-it always fits just right now matter how much dessert you have.

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