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April 29, 2010

Please help, I’ve gone a smidge insane.

I will be attending a wedding on May 22, and I’ve decided to make a vintage dress for the event. But I can’t choose which one!
I have it narrowed down to six patterns (one of which you see here). I’ve got pros and cons for each one, and I just can’t decide!
Please visit my blog and take the poll (it will close sometime on Monday, May 3).
Thank you so much for your help!
  1. No, no…You haven't gone insane. Insane would be if you were the bride and trying to pull one of these dresses off by the deadline!

  2. I would love to purchase the Simplicity 3230 – the one you decided to make… It's even my size. Would you be willing to sell, or to copy and sell?

  3. Anne: I'm sorry, but I love this pattern. I'd urge you to keep your eyes on the vintage patterns sites to find a copy!

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