Treasury East on Etsy now open

I couldn’t resist putting a few of my wishlist patterns into a Treasury now that Treasury East is open on etsy.  Here’s the link: Leave it to Beaver and my blog Original Mischief.

sewing,pattern,1950,wish list

Honestly, I could sit and look at sewing patterns for hours! Hope you enjoy a few of my favourite things. Monique

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  • Monique, I thought I was the only one. My family thinks I am crazy. I could look at sewing patterns for days without growing tired. I can't tell you how many hours I have spent doing this.

  • Beautiful treasury, Monique! Lassie, just yesterday my husband was telling one of his friends about my love of vintage patterns. The guy gave me an "OK, whatever floats your boat" expression as if I'd just announced I spent my spare time torturing small animals…

  • Oh, Monique, forgot to ask — do you have a direct link to the treasury itself?

  • Absolutely…

    I'll also amend my blog post for it to show. xx

  • The Random Pattern button on the Vintage Pattern Wiki? When I get bored at work, I push that button repeatedly to lift my spirits — works every time. 😀


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