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I Really Need A Knitter

April 25, 2010

I hope everyone’s OK with me posting this here. I know that everyone on here is multi-talented and I’m in need of a knitter (or should that be kneed of a knitter? har har).

I have been searching for lovely short sleeved knitted cardigans and shrugs for ages now with absolutely no luck. Down, but not defeated, I took a break and started to read my favourite blogs. It’s thanks to Green Apples that I found the lovely knits of Kim Hargreaves. *swoon* This is one of the items I’m looking for:

Blossom‘ from the Misty Collection

If you’re a knitter and are interested in working with me, please see my blog for more information.

Thanks a bunch!

Sarah 🙂

  1. You should try ravelry…they have thousands of really awesome, modern, free patterns. It takes a week or two to process your sign-up, but really, it is so so so worth it.

  2. Ravelry no longer has the wait time for sign up (that was when they were building their server farm and couldn't handle the influx!). But do be aware that it takes much, much longer to knit something than sew something (I'm guestimating probably 20-30 hours for that vest/shrug, depending on how thick the wool is), and natural fibre yarns are expensive. You may be able to barter with someone who can't sew and is willing to swap, but I'm betting you won't be able to buy a bespoke handknitted garment for less than ~$300, and that's severely undercutting labour costs.

    Which is why Etsy is filled with coffee cozies and fingerless gloves :P.

    You will, however, find Ravelry bursting at the seams with people willing to help you learn to knit, and soooooo many inspirational patterns that you may just become multi-crafted yourself in no time ;).

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