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Help with lining…

April 15, 2010

Hell retroistas, I’d like to ask a little advice.

I’m planning to sew Vogue 1043 in a fine white cotton lawn printed with dinner plate sized flowers…..

However I plan to wear my grogeous, fluffy, red Viviene of Holloway petticoat underneath so WILL need to line the skirt, something I don’t ususally bother with as I am the Queen of static and linings just CLING to me (I can get electric shocks from door handles when dressed in cotton wearing rubber soled shoes).

Thus my question is what should I use to line the skirt that will be opaque enough to conceal the red petticoat without clinging. I’ve heard cotton just adds to cling problems?

Many Thanks,


  1. I don't know too much about all of this…but my first guess would be some kind of satin or satin-like material.

  2. OK, I am going to guess this might be different, depending on where you live and certainly on what type of silk you use. It's dry here most of the time, silk clings to me! Especially a lighter silk for lining purposes.

    My first choice for linings, slips, petticoats and such is, linen. 🙂 I never have static cling with linen. There are various weight of linen. I would choose a 3 0z to no more then a 4 oz weight of linen.

    Happy Sewing,


  3. Ooops shouldve said the UK frock is for a July wedding so, early midsummmerish.

    Thanks for the suggestions linen is an intersting idea!

    Keep em' coming 😀

  4. I would use a light weight cotton. No problem with cling. Be sure to pre-wash both fabrics. I like to keep the lining a similar fabric as the dress so they do not have to be dry cleaned.

  5. I have that issue too – I recently used a cotton lining (very thin cotton) on a semi-fitted skirt and have no issues whatsoever with static. I live in Melbourne, Australia, where it is notoriously dry – meaning lots of static.

    Lining it in cotton will be nice and cool too – especially with a full petticoat underneath. Good luck – can't wait to see it made up!

  6. I like silk lining also when using cotton lawn for a dress. It's getting harder to find now so I've been using cotton batiste for my cotton dresses. Be sure to line the bodice also especially as you are using white, otherwise the dress will look bottom-heavy, and this pattern was designed for cottons with a little more body than lawn.
    I've just finished making V1043 in a Hawaiian retro backcloth. You can see it at

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