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April 30, 2010

hello to all you inspirational retro sewists. i’m new to the world of vintage sewing, although i’ve been crafting and blogging for what feels like forever. i blame each and every one of you for setting me off on this latest tack, you all look so blummin happy with your creations i just had to give it a go.

and so here we are, my eldest and me, joining in the fun 🙂

an alice costume made from a 60s pattern in vintage dotted swiss.

vintage vogue 1044 (c.1956 reissue), wearable muslin. my apologies for the facelessness but i’m from the pre-facebook generation that’s still a bit uneasy about putting identifying info on the net, hope that’s ok.
read about alice or v1044 in mindnumbing detail over on my blog 🙂
  1. I love the red shoes with your purple muslin! Some red button earrings, and you're set.

    I'd love to see a close-up of your buckle on this dress.

  2. Both dresses look great and I would have never guessed yours is a muslin. It looks better than any of my final garments put together!

  3. Your work looks really well done! and so detailed. would love to see the front of the Alice dress (no face necessary 🙂 )

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