March 7, 2010

Hello, I’m Snurgle, or Sarah – take your pick! I’ve been a long time admirer of Sew Retro. Finally plucked up the courage to request to join and here I am.

My blog is at I’ve only just started blogging so don’t expect a lot there just yet!
I’ve been sewing for over 30 years now, ever since I was 9 years old and I inherited my mother’s hand crank Vulcan sewing machine. I started off by claiming old tea towels and hankies and just sewing lines on them for fun. After a while I graduated to attempting to sew clothes for my dolls and then when I was 11 I was given my grandmother’s Jones straight stitch machine which I still have. It is affectionately known as ‘The Tank’ and is a real beast of a machine.
I love vintage patterns and vintage fabrics and am always on the look out for additions to my collections. Recent makes have been a late 1950’s dress for my daughter’s upcoming birthday (photo on my blog) and a beautiful little 1940 blouse that I made from a real bargain buy off Ebay. I’ve not yet taken a photo of that, but there will be one going up soon along with the write up of how the pattern went.
That’s all for now!
Snurgle (Sarah)
  1. I can post a picture up of the Jones later (about to leave to take Weeny to school now!) as I have some of them on my computer so it doesn't mean lugging it out of the cupboard! Sadly I don't have the Vulcan any more. I have no idea what happened to it though I suspect it was lost when I left home. I do wish I still had it, it would have been brilliant for teaching Weeny to sew.

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