1. Gosh that's lovely. I'm in the middle of one just like it – starting it today with the muslin (toile). What you going to make it up in? I love choosing fabrics for projects like this.

  2. Wow, that is amazing. And for only a dollar! Great find! If you make it, you definitely have to show us!

  3. Oh, yes you could wear it every day, every where, and always feel FABULOUS!!! LOVE the pattern. Wish it were mine. It think you need a small hat to go with it with a sweeping feather to match the Jetson's bodice!

  4. OH my god! I would totally make this dress for all the cocktail parties I'm forever buying serving dishes for. I have yet to throw one but with this dress on, I just might. And all the operas I could go to, and the fundraisers. Wow – the fantasizing you can do with a pattern like that! Can't wait to see your dress!

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