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Leopard Coat!

March 3, 2010
The motivation for making this coat was so I wouldn’t freeze for during this month as I attempt my self-imposed Me-Made-March challenge. So, here it, the least subtle coat in Catalunya!

The fabric is meant to be upholstery fabric and has the nicest suedey feel. The buttons are vintage from my stash. The pattern is something I picked up on eBay a few years back. It isn’t dated but I’m guessing 1971 or there abouts (any ideas?).

As usual, I couldn’t find the motivation to make a toile to check the fit issues, and jeez does this coat have a couple, particularly round the bust area. But I think I can reduce this with a little work. I think the busy-ness of the print hides the worst of it anyways. Overall, I love my crazy coat! More deets on my blog.

Zoe x
  1. WOW!! I love that coat!! I never thought of looking at 70's patterns before but that style is just right! And the fabric is gorgeous! x

  2. oh man, that coat is AMAZING! Well done! It may have fit issues, but you definitely can't tell. Looks great!

  3. Fabulous! I've been wanting to make a leopard print coat myself but couldn't find suitable material. I had not thought of home decor fabric. You really did a good job, and it looks great on you!

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