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Fabulous 50s Finds

March 13, 2010

I had a very fruitful trip to my friend’s mother’s estate and came home with oodles of vintage treasures. Among my finds were these wonderful accessories I thought my new Sew Retro friends might appreciate:

How wonderful is it to find a pair of “extra comfy” golden slippers from the 1950s which were never worn? They still have original wrapping paper inside the toe to maintain their shape. The lovely, frivolous design encompasses everything the fabulous 50s had to offer in style and fashion.

I had to do a little research to determine what this little beauty was. It is called a “box purse” and is made of wood with a design in relief under glass. These were actually used as purses in the 1950s and were quite popular. Isn’t it lovely?

Feel free to visit my blog to see more of the fun, kitschy, crazy and downright amazing things I dug out of this attic!

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