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A Girl with a Fetish for Fabric and BBC Dramas

March 11, 2010

Hi! I’m Sunni, also known as The Cupcake Goddess. It’s just a silly name based off of frivolity and fun. I have this thing with sewing and fabric and BBC Dramas, just to mix it up. I’ve also got a thing for genuine retro and retro inspired fashion, fabrics, sewing patterns and the like, my favorite era being the 1950’s. I love gathering inspiration from the past and using them in today’s fashion world. I’ve been sewing since I was a kid, starting out with the scraps my mother would give me and creating them into Barbie clothes. I sewed a few of my outfits in high school and then gave sewing up to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in music performance. Nine years, a music degree and a sewing machine from my parents later I’m back to sewing and am completely enamoured of all things sewing inspired and related. I’m here to share my retro sewing journey with you, if you like, please join in my fun via my blog, The Cupcake Goddess.

Raindrop Coat and Vixen Dress

Happy Sewing Trails!


  1. Your pictures are like straight out of a vintage magazine. I'd never guess you were modeling home-sewn fashions. Love that blue jacket!

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