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February 21, 2010

Over 15 years ago I made a brown wool crepe dress from a Style pattern that I truly wish I hadn’t thrown out. It was lovely and I did a great job with it; if I say so myself ;). Unfortunately, it just looked ridiculous on. When I made the dress, I had really miscalculated on the size and I was swimming in the dress. One thing about the design that didn’t help at all was that it required huge shoulder pads. Imagine this: huge linebacker shoulders and then a sack (a heavy wool sack!) of a dress swimming on a then-tiny girl. However, because I loved the design and was proud of my work on it, that dress has been with me ever since. Even though it was only worn once or twice.

Last year, I decided to try it on along with a few of my older vintage pieces. While none of the ones I actually used to wear could even be zipped up (or get past my hips!), this one FIT!!! Yes, and it fit like it was always supposed to. Amazing. Fifteen pounds heavier and with my bust, waist, and hip measurements all three inches larger…it now fits. See for yourself:

Forgive me, the dress had not been pressed when I took these pictures.

Notice the interest at the neckline with the pull-through tie detail, the dolman sleeves that become narrower towards the wrists, and the trumpet shaped bias skirt. There was definitely a 1930s influence in the design of this dress.

P.S. Does anyone know what Style pattern this was? It’s from the early 1990s and I would love to find it again or at least get the pattern image and number for my Patterns Lost Flickr archive. Thanks!

  1. Oh my goodness, so glad you kept the dress. It is indeed gorgeous; and now it is so attractive on you. Well done! So sorry not to know the pattern # – but the style is imprinted in my brain, should I run across it will post it here. Wishing you the best and hoping someone will spot it and KNOW.

  2. This Style pattern is currently on E-Bay, it was posted October 22, search for Style Dress Pattern and then go through the dates. Unfortunately, I was looking at ssewing patterns, but I could not see the corner of the pattern, the number was obscured in the photograph. If you still want to replicate this dress, check it out. Hope that helps. Stephanie

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