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Vintage Vogue Pattern Search Is On; Your help Is Needed

February 1, 2010

Do you have a collection of vintage Vogue patterns gathering dust in your attic? If so, the Vogue Pattern Company wants to see them; and they could become the next Vintage Vogue pattern. All you have to do is send them a photocopy or email a scan (jpg.) If your pattern is selected, you will receive credit on the pattern envelope and in the catalog and magazine, plus you will receive five free Vogue Patterns of your choice. And, your original vintage pattern will be returned to you.

Here are the rules:

1. Your pattern must be a Vogue Pattern (preferably from the 1950s or older); no other brands will be accepted.

2. The pattern MUST contain all pattern pieces and instruction sheet.

3. DO NOT send the pattern. Send ONLY a photocopy or scan of the pattern envelope. If your pattern is selected, then you will be asked to send them the pattern. They will not be responsible for unsolicited patterns nor will they be returned.

4. You can email a (jpg) scan to Put Vintage Vogue Search in the subject line. Or, send a photocopy of the envelope front (NOT the Pattern) to: Vintage Vogue Search, Vogue Patterns Magazine, 120 Broadway, 34th floor, New York, NY 10271.

Okay, Everybody. Let’s get looking. I’ve already found two that I discovered in an antique store. It would be great to see as many of these as possible reprinted in multi-size patterns and with our modern, not-so-waspy waists measurements. And please spread the word. Feel free to copy and paste this post into your own post to help get the word out.


  1. I have a gorgeous Vogue pattern that is just on display in my sewing room as it's a 34" bust and I am no way that small. I will check soon if all the pattern pieces and instructions are in there as I would love to give it a go (never looked inside the envelope, just bought it because the picture was so lovely!). Thanks for posting this!

  2. I have a really cute swimsuit that would be great. It's time to get some different garments reprinted rather than sundresses and eveningwear!

  3. Thank you, Trudy. I'll have a root around. Do you know whether this includes Vogue Special Design, Couturier, et al, or is it just 'Vogue' Vogue?

  4. I'm astonished that Vogue doesn't have a pattern archive to draw from. Or perhaps they elect not to, preferring instead to see what people request?

  5. Just sounding off…While I love the idea of vintage patterns being reissued, it seems more than a little sad that the original pattern is not being returned to the owner. Again, not looking for a fight. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the info Trudy!

    Only one of my pre-1960's patterns is Vogue. It's lovely, but not spectacular. I wish I actually owned some of the patterns that I put on my Top Ten list after hours of time browsing the Vintage Patterns Wiki. You can see my list on my blog.

    If you have any of these, please take a minute to submit them. I'd love to see them as reproductions!

  7. Mad Tatter, it only says that unsolicited patterns won't be returned. When I saw a notice in Vogue Patterns magazine last year it said they'd return any patterns they'd accept for reproduction. I've emailed Vogue with questions about this, hopefully they'll get back to me with answers!

  8. This is exciting! I just checked my collection and have 22 Vogue patterns from the 50's and older not including the Special Design ones. Also an unbelievably beautiful 1930's nightgown that could be an evening dress. (I post a photo of an old pattern every Monday on my blog. This gown I posted weeks ago.)

    The downside is having to open and check each pattern for all the pieces and instructions. I'll do it though.

    I wish McCalls and Simplicity would do this too.

  9. Ditto. McCalls really needs to do this. And hey, I don't NEED to check the contents of my pattern envelopes because I've used the patterns.

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