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Sencha Blouse

February 24, 2010

Hello all!

I haven’t shared anything i’ve sewn for a while now as they haven’t been very retro inspired, but I felt this blouse had a the right feeling for this blog.

This is the Sencha Blouse from Colette Patterns, which many people have showed interest in. This is my first pattern that I’ve sewn from this collection and I adored it! The illustrations were precise and accurate, the instructions were clear as a bell… it was a dream.

I did the keyhole necktie from version 3,

But did snaps for the back closure as in version 1, with “illusion buttons.”

It has a lovely retro feel to it, but with a modern fit. You can read more about it at my blog, if you so desire 🙂

  1. That's a beautiful looking top! One question though…the buttons are in the back? How do you get into that thing without help?

  2. Tina,

    It's loose enough where I can snap the two middle buttons in the back and slip it over my head, and then I can reach the other ones to easily snap them once the garment is on. It's much easier than it seems, thankfully!

  3. OMG my mouth literally dropped when seeing this. I love IT! this is what i love about sewing. making FAB pieces at half the retail price. Love it!

    i pressed follow and look forward to more of your posts!

  4. I am truly in love with this pattern and have got to place an order ASAP. I have seen so many nice versions made up. Like the look of yours very much. Like the "illusion buttons" idea.

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