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February 24, 2010

Hi everyone! I posted over on my blog about two vintage patterns that I brought home from my mom’s stash last night.

I’d like to combine them so I make the bodice out of McCall’s 7208 and the straight skirt from McCall’s 6767, 1963/64.

My mom drew little lines on the bodice of one of the models to show the chevron pattern because the pieces are cut on a bias. What would happen if I cut the skirt straight? I am afraid a straight skirt cut on the bias would make me look like a circus ride.

I have a striped cotton/silk blend fabric that I’d like to use and I think would be lovely for the bodice, but would vertical stripes (very tiny) for the skirt clash with the chevron on the bodice?

Thanks for any advice you can give me!
  1. If you cut the fabric on the straight of grain be sure to add more ease. Without seeing the pattern pieces and the fabric, I can't really recommend how much. (Do you have other older patterns that you can compare?) If you add too much, the waist and hips can be taken in later.

  2. Hi, I have often done what you are doing and had not trouble. If you are concerned do you have a straight skirt section from another dress that is cut on straight grain? Or lay the pattern piece you have over another straight skirt pattern piece or even a straight skirt. You should be able to tell then how much extra ease your pattern piece needs. I have done it before and it works out fine. Good luck.

  3. I love that bodice you're going to use!
    I actually would put the skirt on the straight grain. It will lay better and I think it will look better than the bias (unless you repeat the chevron pattern with two directions of bias on the skirt, too). Have fun, can't wait to see it!

  4. I think the material you plan to use will look amazing in the chevron pattern on the bodice. I would definitely do the skirt on the straight grain. Not only because it will hang better but to do the stripes of the skirt on the diagonal would compete to much with the bodice and distract from it. I would imagine the original skirt pattern of 6767 was cut on the straight so just follow the instructions for that. As Packrat said add a little more ease for the skirt and adjust it to fit the bodice (not the other way round).
    Look forward to seeing pictures of the finished dress.

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