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Butterick 9514

February 18, 2010
This is my pattern.
This is my horrible, ugly dress.

1. Fabric choice- this is why people say quilter’s cotton looks homemade. When poorly chosen, it really does.
2. This pattern was a 14, and I am a 12. I need to try to not delude myself in the future, and just grade the pattern down.
3. The busy print hides all of the cute details. Can you even see the skirt is fully pleated top to bottom? Can you see the cute dropped waist with scalloped edges?
It all comes down to operator error….
Come visit my blog to see some more successful recent projects- or if anyone has an extra singer buttonholer or just the feed cover plate, it would make my month!!

  1. Uhhh, actually the fabric is not so awful for this dress. Look again at the pattern. Note the detailing in the plaid dress — the neckline and sleeve hems are trimmed with white, the waist detail looks like a solid piping. There is some sort of tab with button perhaps at the natural waist line. It is missing those details that cause the print to mush out the detail. So for a save you can hand sew some green cotton covered cord around the waist detail. Trim the neckline and sleeves with white or with green. Most of the time, if one closes edges of a print or plaid with a solid color, detail with pop out.

    The shoulders fit very nicely, a little large gives better room to move too.

    I believe it is better than you think. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I agree with Hats – maybe you just need piping and a contrast collar to make the details pop. It really is a cute vintage pattern – it compliments your figure well. I also Love that cute chair you're standing in front of.

  3. Agree with all the above. I very often bias tape my seams on the outside of the neckline, armholes (if the dress is sleeveless) and waist to provide some accent contrast colour. It really does add definition. The waist is quite specific on your pattern, but some nice green buttons would draw the eye. Patterned prints tends to blot out the detail, so you need to highlight it back into view. Also, if you're not happy with the sizing, you could nip the bodice in fairly easily (although if you have a side zipper, it does mean starting over on that side). You really don't have to take it in that much. The dress otherwise looks lovely and I think you're only a few alterations away from being happy with it yourself.

  4. It's really not so bad. It looks a little Laura Ashley-ish but it is not terrible. The style suits you very well. Maybe make it in a cute plaid or a textured solid with the contrasting piping like the pattern pic? Don't give up!

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