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The Bad and Ugly

January 2, 2010

Ugh, this is not how I wanted to start posting garments on Sew Retro.  I wanted to start with a fabulous dress but alas, it wasn’t to be.  Instead, you get to read about my horrible results with Simplicity 7626 and how it will not go off to Wadderland.

After much ripping, fitting, ripping again, I’m throwing in the towel.  It’s not flattering look on me, the waistline is too low and I didn’t realize it until it was too late.  Oh well, live and learn.  Here are the horrible pictures, brace yourself, it’s not pretty!

You can read more about it on my blog, Sew June!
  1. Add a simple black belt around your natural waist for fit…throw a 3/4 sleeve black cardigan over the top with some flats, and a long strand necklace, and you may like what you see. It's just a poorly designed pattern, a lot of the simple (1-hour type) patterns are unflattering on every shape (btdt!).
    It's not you at all! It looks well made and you have a cute shape. I honestly can't imagine what type of figure it would work best for!

  2. I completely understand where you're coming from. I find shift dresses very flattering on many figures, but *only* when the waist is the right length. Otherwise…well, you know, your butt looks like it is halfway down your thighs. A good lesson we've all learned!

  3. I would try adjusting that long dart at the front (as you would a princess seam) to bring it in just below the bust and at your high waist… i would forget what the pattern says… try the dress on inside out and pin those darts while looking in the mirror… you may also have to adjust the side seams a little so it looks right… the sleeve section needs to come in closer to the bust as well to make it less top heavy…and make the shoulders look narrower…perhaps also try a black sash underneath the bust to accentuate where your curves come in and it wuld be a lot more flattering… i would also possibly put a solid black hemline on as well so your eyes are drawn to those areas! good luck… don't give up… challenges like this really teach you a lot about how to flatter your body shape and what things work for you… i think you could make this work though!

  4. I think you are being to harsh on yourself. Finish it and I think you'll be surprised! I have often hated something mid-way through sewing it, only to be pleased with the final result…..

  5. Thank you for sharing your project with us! It is weirdly nice to know that others sometimes end up with disappointing results! That takes some guts I reckon too!!
    As others have said, you might be able to salvage it. Sometimes I have found that my time fiddling about is better spent elsewhere, other times I find that I get something fab out of it. Good Luck!

  6. I agree with Luminosity – a nice black cardigan, black leggings, and black shoes would make it look quite sharp. But don't be discouraged – it's not unflattering at all. I think you did a good job with it!

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