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HALT! It’s the new year!

January 5, 2010

New Year’s party. 1950s theme. Needed new frock, obviously. Started one…. complete disaster – too small plus too hot for the putrid heatwave we had that day.

So I rumaged in the Pile of Shame and pulled out this unfinished frock… I cut it a bit too long in the bodice and was pretty cranky about that because I’d been so careful to match the embroidered pattern. Fixing it would wreck the matching, thus the pile of shame.

But it was perfect for a hot day so I did a swift and substandard finishing job and wore it.

Pattern is Vogue 8184, same as Biochemistry Bandwagon, I just improvised a halter strap with a leftover schnippet. The fabric was from Darn Cheap ages ago and is lovely BUT… that blue embroidery runs when washed. There was a lot of frantic Run Away-ing after the pre-wash!

  1. Pile of Shame! You are funny!! I think it's amazing – perfectly flattering to your figure and I think you got the matching done pretty darn well. I envy you for your New Year's heatwave, by the way, being that I live in the Midwest. Great job!

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