Vintage Sewing

DuBarry 2587B

January 12, 2010
Pattern: DuBarry 2587B (1941)
Fabric: 100% Cotton Shirting, Herringbone weave (Joann’s)
Total Cost: $2
The first pattern on my to-sew list this year is officially done. I present to you my super-stylish 40’s drawers! Now I finally have something to wear under skirts since I don’t own any half-slips and since it has legs, it can’t twist. My only worry is that I think tights will have to be worn under it. Tights with no underwear? Ew. I put more details on my blog.
  1. Cute. I'd even wear these as pajammy bottoms. I'm pretty sure that they make hosiery that can be worn without undies – they have a crotch made out of cotton so it's breathable.

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