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1940’s skirt

January 16, 2010

I’ve been working on a 1940’s skirt to match the blouse I recently made.  I decided to use the skirt from this Hollywood 1521 pattern:

I had to shorten it about two inches to fall where it does in the picture (just below my knee).  I made it out of a wonderful purple cotton fabric that has a bit of stretch to it.

Here it is with the blouse:

And here’s a fun shot:
The best part (besides having a lovely purple skirt to match my blouse) is that I think I have enough of the purple fabric left to make the matching jacket from the pattern.  Which of course, will lead to making a new blouse (like the one in the pattern).  The possibilities are endless!  Check out more pictures at my blog.
  1. Your clothes are so lovely! And I love the colour combos. Purple is such a nice colour and the floral goes wonderfully. The jacket would look fantastic with the skirt and blouse.

  2. Thanks! I got the shoes at M&Co…a chain department store in the UK. Oddly enough, I am allergic to the heavy metals they use to tan leather so I can only wear manmade shoes!!

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