My first ever apron!

A success, I think, and the first of many more aprons:

A little more commentary here….

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  • Thats too cute to be an apron…

  • What gorgeous fabric! Cute aprons are the first step to enjoying cooking 🙂

  • A great success indeed! Like the fabric & pockets – wish i could sew!


  • When life gives you lemons…

    …Make an Apron!!!!

    I love it!

  • Dear fellow seamstresses,

    I've been following this great blog for a while but never

    dared to comment. I'm so sorry that the first time I write

    here has to be to ask for help!

    I need a FREE sewing pattern to make a cowl neck sweater (like

    THIS ONE). I have a fancy dress

    (costume) party on Saturday 12 December 2009. I must go

    dressed as Velma from Scooby Doo.

    Unfortunately orange is not in fashion this year and I can't

    find an orange cowl neck sweater in shops.

    I've thought of finding some orange fabric and sewing this

    sweater myself, but I don't want to spend money on a pattern

    (I never wear cowl neck sweaters). But I can't find any on the

    web and I'm running out of time, the party is on Saturday and

    I'm a beginner at sewing so it will take me long to sew it!

    If anyone could help me with this, I would be grateful forever

    (and join his/her blog, of course!)

    I'm sorry if this cry for help bothered anyone, normally I

    don't do this, but I'm desperate now.

    Thank you for brightening up my days with your contributions

    to the sewing blogosphere!

    Greetings, Rebeca

  • Thanks everyone 🙂

    Rebeca–What about buying a non-cowl neck sweater, and sewing/crocheting/knitting a cowl separately? Good luck with your costume!

  • Dear LibrariAnon,
    Thank you very much for your quick answer! It's a very good idea, I hadn't thought of that.
    In any case the problem is solved. My loved ones (not so loved after this 😉 ) must have very little trust in my sewing abilities, as they did their best to discourage me from trying to sew a sweater in such little time.
    So, for the last time, I pushed myself through the crowds of the city centre, visited a hundred stores, and finally managed to find a decent orange sweater. It cost me a fortune, but at least I can wear it after the party, if I can stand the cowl neck.
    But just in case anyone is interested in finding a pattern like this, I have found this. You can add a rectangular piece of fabric for the cowl neck, and you're all set.

    So thank you for your help, and by the way, that is a lovely apron. Beauuuutiful fabric. My mother is looking for apron patterns and she is going to love this one!

  • Looks awesome! I have used the same pattern and like it.

    Speaking of sewing, have you checked out the website yet? Lots of free patterns, tutorials, and links to other sewers on the web!

  • Rebeca, Try the Burdastyle website. I saw a cowl neck dress there you can download for free. Here is the link:


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