Vogue 2609

November 18, 2009

Here’s my entry in the November Party contest – my Halloween outfit, Vintage Vogue 2609. It went to quite the party – the New York City Dances of Vice Halloween party.

It was an Edward-Gorey-themed party (at times, quite loosely) and I thought a deep-colored version of this pattern would fit right in. So I made one. Out of $2-per-yard satin. (And some weird kind of latex fabric that I accidentally bought for the contrast.)

Though it was a bit long, it was great for the party and I thought it looked lovely. The art-deco styling makes me want to make a really classy version of this – from some lovely fabric – and wear it to the fanciest ball I can find. (The capelet, high neck line and open back make even this under-$20 version feel fancy and classy!)

Awkwardly brushing out the edges of the
caplet featured in this pattern

The open-back design!
(That tie at the bottom is supposed to be
tacked down – pshaw, it’s fine!)

Read the dirtier, minute-r details over at The Year 2050… Halloween edition!

  1. I love your website. I am trying desperately to buy the Vogue 2609 for my wedding dress pattern. if you can help that would be much appreciated.

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