1. I've made that same dress three times now (without the bolero), the first vintage pattern I ever used. It went together like a dream (hence me going back to it again and again!). I went for the full skirt though, and didn't do pockets. I ended up overstitching the pleats on the font, as I didn't like how they puffed up when I moved (I used a light lawn on the first dress, which wasn't heavy enough to keep the pleats flat). I love your spotted version, and it's interesting how your interpretation looks completely different to mine, with a far more contemporary look (whereas mine does look like I've stepped out of the 50s…). I haven't done that pattern it in a while now (I felt three of the same was enough), but maybe I should try again with less width around the base of the skirt as it really works. Lovely!

  2. No bolero yet but that's the plan. In white with the polka dot trim.

    Hey Anonymous- Was yours a half size? Maybe that's the difference in the look? I wanted my skirt to be fuller, not quite sure what happened. Did the zipper instructions give you a problem? That is the one thing that confused me.

  3. Hey Audrey, it's 'Anonymous' (apologies, I was in a hurry and didn't take the time to log in this morning!). Yes, mine was a half-size – I really like half sizes as I find they're slightly narrower on the shoulders and more fitted up top than the full sizes. I'm tall though, so I usually add loads of length at the bottom. That might be why my versions seem fuller as in my early attempts, I would stick to the pattern line and keep going for another four or five inches, which must add loads of width! I do tend to redraft those bits now so that it uses up less fabric.

    I must admit to cheating with the zip and using an invisible one. I look at those vintage zip instructions and run a mile, so I'm impressed you managed yours! I probably should learn to do them the proper way, but it seems like so much more hard work!

    Do post a pic of your bolero when it's done as it sounds lovely!

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