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Fall truly fell…

November 7, 2009

This is not the photo shoot I had in mind. I envisioned lovely falling leaf backdrops and gorgeous colors; which by the way, is what we had until the snowstorm. That’s right we had a snowstorm. In fact, the prediction is for another tomorrow. A winter dress would have been more appropriate.

I’ll get right on that. 😉

Come on over and say “hi”. I love visitors, and will visit you in return.

  1. Hello,
    You have an inspirational Blog!
    I am a sewing machine dealer based in England. We have thousands of customers and Blogs like yours could help so many people. I wondered if you would allow me to post some of your experiences on my website. I would of course create a link to your blog. It's true, I am a commercial person, but I do want to help the wider sewing community.
    Thank you anyway.
    Alan Bamber

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