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All Tomorrows Parties

November 19, 2009
I had a bit of a challenge this week; I accidently booked myself for two parties on the same night and had to come up with a dress I could wear to both.
The themes were “Hawaiian Luau” and “Rock’n’Roll” . I must admit that they aren’t the hardest party themes to mix so I was lucky there. The dress is a halter neck wiggle dress with flounce in a tropical palm tree print.

A little heads up for anyone thinking of using a multi directional print in the future; be careful where you lay out your pieces. Even though the palm trees went both ways I somehow caught them all going down making my bodice look upside down.
You can read more on my blog:

  1. I love dresses in fun patterns like this one. It's so very pretty! I'm sure you'll be a hit at each one of your parties!


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