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Advance 8171

November 19, 2009

This is the pattern cover. I made the view in the middle out of fake silk shantung.

Back view. The lighting makes it look so wrinkly and lumpy. It doesn’t look that bad in person. I like my hair.

It slipped off my shoulder a bit in the picture. The straps do lie flat.

But I post it because while it is not an epic fail, I doubt I will ever wear it. The bust area fits terribly. It rides up, it has lumpy seams. Overall, it sucks. But, hey- I thought I would share it anyways.
Pattern notes: the bodice should have been shortened for petites, but there was no line for it. Advance patterns have bad instructions. I didn’t realize how low the back drops, so you can’t wear a bra, so the bust was extremely gaping, and I had to try to fix it too late. But, none of that would apply if I was patient and made muslins. I enjoy slapping things together, so I refuse! haha.
more pictures, details and whines here!
  1. LOL! That happens to me every time I dont make a muslin!

    But its still a really cute little black dress!

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