Vintage Sewing

Mad Men Joan Pencil Skirt

September 14, 2009

Vintage Simplicity 3196 view 2.
Yes, it needs a run under the iron. I have five kids so don’t mind that.
It has the cutest little useless pockets ever, made even littler by the fact that the skirt was a good four inches too wide on me, even though the pattern size was correct for waist measurement. I wonder if I should have taken in more at the back when I put the zipper in? Anyway, it was easy enough to take in at the sides. Instead of the kick pleat, I cut out a big triangle and sewed that in place where the pleat would have been. So cute.


  1. I've always wanted to wear straight skirts but I fear that there is such a large difference in the size of my waist and the size of my hips that it wouldn't lay right. I can dream though and stick to a-line and full in the mean time.

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