Hello! and Mad Men Entry

Hello! This is my first post on this site. I’ve been visiting the site for a little while now and I’ve just decided to join in. I’ve been really into sewing vintage for awhile now. I was really into sewing period evening gowns when I was in high school, and I’ve recently returned to the art to explore other vintage sewing opportunities!

I’d thought I’d introduce myself to the community by posting a few entries for the Mad Men contest. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of the photos; I only have an old, low quality digital camera at my disposable.

The first dress would be a Joan business dress, brightly colored and form fitting. She would most likely wear it with a stylish brooch, but I substituted an orchid:

This was made from Simplicity pattern 4298

The next would be a Joan evening gown. I’ve seen a lost of versions of the Butterick reprint 6582, and this is my version.

It’s made with a bright green satin and I added the shoulder bows for the added early 60s feminine flair:

Lastly, I’d like to show what I’d consider my Peggy party dress. The color is a bit bold, but it’s conservative enough to work, with a cardigan perhaps.

This last one was made from Simplicity pattern 3346

I look forward to participating further on this blog! I’m excited to be a part of it!

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  • Those are lovely! Great job!

  • Absolutely beautiful! You made me want to make all three dresses for myself!

  • All of your dresses are just gorgeous.

  • Cute dresses! I especially love the polka dot dress as I love polka dots!

  • All three look great!

  • The green is especially gorgeous on you and I love how it goes with your tattoo.

  • We made the same pattern! The Butterick version you did in green:) Great job on all of them, you definitely captured the spirit of Mad Men.

  • wow wonderful work!

  • I agree, absoloutly fabulous!
    I really really love the 50s style… obsessed, even. But, I'm about a size 14 and always feel like you have to be thin to wear 50s style beautifully… so I have some dresses I never wear because my weight is a big issue for me. YOU however look fabulous, so you have given me courage to wear ONE of my dresses out… thanks!!

    check out MY blog at

  • Hi,
    I just bought the same butterick pattern. You're dress looks amazing. What type of satin did you use? Was it a stretch satin? I want to make one in the same exact color green. Also I've heard reviews from other people that the Butterick 6582 came out a boxy fit how did you get yours to be so finely tailored did you adjust the pattern? Thanks so much!


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